Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dekavita C (デカビタC)

Ok here's our first carbonated drink on this blog. It is the "Dekavita C" from a company called Suntory. This drink is not medicinal so you are able to drink this more than once a day and even if you're less than 15 years old. There's 0.67mg of vitamin B1, 0.76mg of vitamin B2, 1mg of vitamin B6, 1.4micrograms of vitamin B12, 95mg of vitamin C, 8.6mg of niacin(B3), 0.9-3.7mg of pantothenic acid, and 1.2mg of vitamin P(flavonoid) in 100ml of this.
"Deka" means "big" in Japanese and "vita" stands for "vitamins", and the "C" stands for vitamin C, hence the name "Dekavita C". There's 210ml of liquid in this thing so it is quite large if you compare it to medicinal energy drinks which are usually 100ml.

The carbonation gives the drink a nice kick to it, unlike most energy drinks in Japan. The taste is not fruity and tastes similar to Oronamin C. There's nothing too special about it except for the slight honey-like taste, most likely due to the royal jelly.

about 120yen

Well, you can't compare this to medicinal energy drinks, just a small boost in energy.


  1. This was my first energy drink in Japan! Although I don't really like european/american energy drinks, I like the taste of this one even being kind of simmilar, Ithink. Very interesting web, by the way!

  2. IT means 10vita. deka is Greek for ten. There is also another one called dodekamin, dodeka is 12 in Greek. Indeed, it has 12 vitamins .